Website Build for Lines by JD

We built a budget friendly website, setup a Google Business Page, and provided SEO services to increase the online visibility of their business.

In the picturesque Austinsville, VA, Lines by JD has long been synonymous with exceptional craftsmanship and creative prowess. However, despite their well-earned reputation locally, their digital footprint was confined to Facebook, limiting their potential reach and engagement with a broader audience. Recognizing the limitations of this social-only presence, Lines by JD turned to ProStart Solutions with a vision to broaden their digital horizons.

Crafting a Custom Digital Canvas

The collaboration between Lines by JD and ProStart Solutions was ignited by a shared understanding of the critical role a comprehensive digital presence plays in today's market. The mission was to transition from a single-platform online presence to a multifaceted digital showcase that would not only encompass the essence of Lines by JD but also offer an intuitive and immersive experience for visitors.

A Gallery of Excellence

At the core of the new website was the dedication to showcasing Lines by JD's spectacular work. A custom gallery feature was meticulously designed to highlight their portfolio, allowing visitors to explore the breadth and depth of their services through a visual journey. This digital gallery was not just a showcase but a testament to their expertise, creativity, and commitment to excellence.

Beyond Display: A Hub of Engagement

The new website served a dual purpose: it was a platform to exhibit Lines by JD's work and a hub for potential clients to connect and engage with the business. By transcending the limitations of their previous Facebook-only presence, Lines by JD opened new avenues for interaction, inquiries, and client engagement, fostering a dynamic online community centered around their craft.

The Impact of a Tailored Digital Presence

The launch of Lines by JD's custom website marked a significant milestone in their digital journey. Moving beyond the constraints of Facebook, they were able to establish a more robust and versatile online presence, one that mirrored the quality and sophistication of their work. This digital evolution not only enhanced their visibility but also broadened their reach, inviting a diverse audience to explore and connect with their artistry and services.

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